RMC’S Lenten Mission 2022 Available Online

  • Starting from 6th March through to 12th March 2022, there was an online Lenten Mission at RMC. It was animated by our confreres, Frs. Pradeep Mondol, C.Ss.R and Peter Michael, C.Ss.R. with their trademark down-to-earth and relevant style. The links to all the Mission Sermons and the Morning Masses during the mission week are available for your viewing below.


“With the Lord is plentiful redemption” (cf. Ps 130:7)


In this holy Lenten season of spiritual renewal, join Fr. Pradeep Mondol, C.Ss.R. and Fr. Peter Michael, C.Ss.R. in RMC’s online Lenten Mission 2022!

⛪ Participate online with your friends and family to experience the power of God’s Word which brings hope, healing, reconciliation, peace and joy to our lives! ⛪


The mission begins on Sunday, 6th March with the Inaugural Mass and Invitation Sermon 





HOW MUCH DOES GOD LOVE ME? https://youtu.be/6tIBkBWNr14 




HOW IS GOD PRESENT IN YOUR FAMILY? https://youtu.be/lBNEhLhtepU 


BEHOLD YOUR MOTHER https://youtu.be/kiQOso2p118 



THE POWER OF LOVE https://youtu.be/G6hRTFjnXLE 

THE VALUE OF HONEST WORK https://youtu.be/LmZRIiNuZ6A 

DEALING WITH ANGER & ANXIETY https://youtu.be/w6Q0quAXgg8 

GOD IN TIMES OF SUFFERING https://youtu.be/jHQjHamOhX0 

WHAT IS FAITH? https://youtu.be/p9v6s6z1t6A 

IS PRAYER IMPORTANT? https://youtu.be/sL3omONoT3Y 

A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE https://youtu.be/66WKqJUn77M 

These links are available throughout the day for you and your family to participate in at a time decided upon by the whole family according to your convenience.


✨✝️Share these links to family and friends, may the plentiful redemption and blessings of the Lord be yours this Lent!✝️✨

Meet the RMC Lectors

As the congregation participates in the Holy Mass reverently, very often we take for granted the lectors or readers who proclaim the Word of God for us with much preparation, devotion, and care. Lectors play an important role during the Holy Mass, providing commentary, doing the readings, the prayer of the faithful, prayer during the pandemic, responding to the rosary prayers, etc.

The RMC has around 20 lectors who participate in the daily Mass on rotation. In the above image, we have our lectors’ team in full force. Seated (L to R): Terrance Mascarenhas, Bosco Abraham, Benedicta Abraham, and Rani Dominic. Standing 1st Row (L to R): Clement Raj, Reena DPaul, Deepa Kuncheria, Robin Mercy SJ, Shobha Pinto, Neha Nelson, Tania Thakur, Leena DPaul, and Shierly Michael. Standing 2nd Row (L to R): Rishika Miranda, Neha Raghuraman, Dennis SJ, Bro. Ashwin, Metha Elizabeth SJ, Clarence Xavier, Martin Isaac, and Jessie Miranda.

For Clement Raj, being a lector is all about the greater glory of God. “Every time I read the Word of God through this online service, it has given me an opportunity to spread the Word of God, glorify him and get closer to Jesus.”

Lector, Tania Thakur, said that offering her services at RMC brought her closer to her faith.  “When you share the Word and put it out to the world, it will come back to you, making your faith even stronger.”

RMC Responds to Pope’s Call to Pray for World Peace

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis issued a clarion call on 26th January 2022, for all the faithful to join the world and the Church in praying for world peace; and in particular that tensions between Ukraine and Russia do not escalate into war. “It’s important for us to come together as one family, spiritually, praying for each other especially in time of need”, said Fr. Charles Vijay. C.Ss.R. Bangalore. While the world’s faithful were called to one day of dedicated prayer, RMC took it to heart by extending the Rosary & Adoration for Peace for a whole week.

Unique and impactful was the novel presentation by RMC. Much thought was given to the cities and countries experiencing the most violence. During the Rosary these countries were presented on a map, in slide formation, with a brief on the history and nature of the conflict there, together with a plea for the specific kind of peace needed in that region. Two countries were “surrendered” during each decade of the Rosary.

The Adoration gathered all faithful around “the power of Our Lord, who is the source of all peace.” At the first Adoration, the Superior General, Fr. Michael Brehl C.Ss.R., through letter, echoed the Holy Father’s appeal “to all people of goodwill to raise their prayers to Almighty God that every political action and initiative will be in the service of human fraternity”.

“This prayer for peace will embrace our deepest longing for peace in every part of our wounded world, among all peoples of every continent. May our prayer continue to help us to grow in our call to be witnesses to the Redeemer and signs that we are truly sisters and brothers, for we are all children of God”, said Fr. Brehl.

As we prayed, what hit home forcefully, was the fact that while we are blessed with safety and plenty, there are so many innocents suffering, through no fault of theirs, the ravages of violence and conflict; innocent citizens caught in the crosshairs of ego and greed. The least we can do is support them in and through prayer, for there is much to be said for the power of prayer.

Worshippers Attend Virtual 2021 Christmas, New Year 2022 Masses

As the Bangalore lockdown and restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic continued in December, the RMC did its best to ensure that the faithful could participate in a prayerful and meaningful Holy Mass to mark Christmas 2021.

On Christmas eve, the RMC, at 10 p.m, live-streamed the Vigil Mass celebrated by Fr. Edward Joseph, Provincial of the Bangalore Province of Redemptorists, who, in his homily, delivered a simple but powerful message of the meaning of Christmas in the time of the Pandemic. Amid suffering and uncertainty, nothing can bring us hope as much as knowing that God is with us in whatever condition we are in, Fr. Joseph preached.

The Mass was preceded by Christmas carols presented for the very first time at RMC by a live choir.

RMC also live-streamed the Mass on Christmas morning at 9.15.

Similarly, on New Year’s eve, a half-hour thanksgiving Eucharistic adoration service was led by Fr. Juventius Andrade, followed by the Holy Mass at 10 p.m.

The singing of carols, the pealing of bells, and the Holy Mass ensured that worshippers celebrated the birthday of Jesus Christ with religious fervour. The Masses were well attended by worshippers from Bangalore and outside.

A Global Online Novena to St. Alphonsus starting on 23rd July, 2021

(India) On 23rd March 2021, we Redemptorists celebrated the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori as a Doctor of the Church. On this blessed occasion. Pope Francis issued a letter to Fr. General in which he noted that this Doctor of the Church was a “listener,” a teacher of mercy and a person who welcomed “the fragility of the most spiritually abandoned men and women.” In this wonderful anniversary year, as we draw near to the Feast of St. Alphonsus, we at the Redemptorist Media Center, on behalf of the Province of Bangalore, India, are organizing a “Global Online Novena to St. Alphonsus.”….. Read More