To Preach the Gospel ever anew

-St. Clement Mary Hofbauer, C.Ss.R.

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RMC - Web Design and Hosting

We understand you better, and make it easy and most efficient.

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AliveParish Software

Easy, Intuitive and Efficient tool to manage your parish data

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Our Team's are:
  • Seetharam

    Graphic Designer

  • Fr. Charles Vijay Kumar


  • Pamela Emmanuel

    Office Admin

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The Redemptorist Media Center is an initiative of the Redemptorists, of the Province of Bangalore "to preach the Gospel ever anew." The Good News of Jesus has to be communicated to all and no stone should be left unturned in doing so. With this conviction, we are involved in sharing the Good News using modern means of communication like Internet, Telecommunication, Video Production and the like. Our Mission is also to help other Christian organizations to take advantage of the latest tools of communication to fulfill their Mission.
Redemptorist Media Center
2nd Floor, Nava Spoorthi Kendra,
Cookson Road, Thomas Town Post,
Bangalore: 560084

Phone: 080-41250373
Email :

RMC provides services in the field of Social Media Ministries, Parish Management Software and Video Production.


Social Media Ministries

Church is where people are and the church needs to be wherever people are. Keeping this in mind, we reach out to people in this digital age through social media to inspire and nurture faith and Christian values. Daily Bible SMS, inspirational quotes on whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter feeds are some of our popular Social Media Ministries.

Parish Management Software

ALIVEPARISH is an Online Parish Management software designed to store and manage data, assist parish parish clergy and laity to understand and administer the community with analytical and latest data. It caters to the overall management of the parish, which includes parish sacramental registers, sacred worship, effective and dynamic communication, pastoral and spiritual care and much more. It has special features like parish survey module which helps in building a strong community of believers that's alive and vibrant. It is developed with latest technology and features to meet all the needs of a modern parish. And best thing about it- it's easy as it could get.

Video Production

RMC produces video content for faith formation and promotion of peace and justice. Catholic Faith Series (Faith Talks - Vol 1 & 2), Trafficked in the US (Short Documentary), Josh: A Journey Within (Short Fiction), Who is my neighbor? (Feature Documentary) are some of its productions. It also undertakes fiction and documentary video production on behalf of organizations with similar mission.